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About the Teaching and Learning Hubs

In an effort to further our shared mission of fostering student success across the state, the Belk Center, Achieving the Dream (ATD) and the NC Student Success Center, are leveraging our considerable technical expertise, along with our trusted relationships with community college presidents and extensive statewide networks to create up to six Teaching and Learning Hubs at North Carolina’s community colleges.

The North Carolina Teaching and Learning Hubs will support full-and part-time faculty and staff educators from North Carolina community colleges in their efforts to build equity in learning and student success. Hub programs will be designed in collaboration with educators and leaders from the host and affiliated campuses to ensure that they meet regional needs and support local campus student success initiatives. In fall 2020, data was gathered from NC faculty about their interests and campus needs; ongoing feedback will be an essential element for every Hub. Hubs will offer virtual and face-to-face workshops and seminars, to help educators learn about, adopt, test and scale the evidence-based strategies that have increased equitable student success outcomes across the nation. 

For additional information, please contact us at teachingandlearningbelkcenter@ncsu.edu.