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Resource Guide

Resources for presidents and other community college employees

A primary focus of our work at the Belk Center is to support community college leaders and educators in making evidence-based decisions that advance student outcomes. The purpose of this guide is to curate a hub of information for community colleges interested in valuable resources that can continue to inform decisions that support student success in North Carolina.  

Our partners at the Aspen Institute’s College Excellence Program provide a useful framework for defining student success. Based on their work with community colleges, they have observed that excellent community colleges demonstrate high-quality outcomes in learning, completion and transfer, labor market outcomes and equity. In North Carolina, research and practice points to areas of strength and opportunities to address the leaks in our education pipeline. The Belk Center believes that community colleges are critical to the social and economic mobility of persons in North Carolinia and the economic competitiveness of their regions.



Resources dedicated to supporting students from traditionally underserved backgrounds including Black, Latinx and Indigenous students that include strategies for community college pipeline, partway home students, retention/persistence and completion.

High School Students

Resources related to recruitment of high school students upon graduation – specifically pertaining to those who intend to go to college but do not enroll. 

Partway Home

Resources dedicated to partway home students or adult learners who have accumulated some college credit. 

Labor Market Outcomes

To ensure that students are being placed upon completion, it is vital to use labor market outcomes to predict the institution’s geographic labor needs and support programs, certificates and continuing education in those areas. 

Retention and Credential Completion

Resources related to retention and credential completion for community college students. 

Student Services

Student services play a vital role in providing holistic support for students including academic advising, financial aid and identity-based programming. 


Equitable and efficient transfer practices and policies are crucial in North Carolina. And with a statewide attainment goal of two million people ages 25 to 44 with a meaningful, high-quality credential beyond high school by 2030, transfer pathways that support students to earn degrees and enter the workforce are essential. 

Teaching and Learning


This section provides organizations that typically fund community colleges and related projects. We encourage sharing your institution’s action plan and strategies to build connections and potentially receive funding.

Organizations with Additional Resources