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Dr. Kristin Redfield

Piedmont Hub Co-Director


Current Institution: Forsyth Tech
Years Teaching: 25 years
Courses Recently Taught: ENG 110, ENG 111, ENG 112, ENG 114, ENG 115, ENG 231, HUM 120, HUM 220
The Teaching & Learning Hubs will be a new concept for many faculty. What would you say to faculty who are hesitant about engaging with the Hubs?  I think one of the things I would say to them is to trust the process and try to work with us. Give us a chance. It may take time to feel comfortable, and we all need to be patient in the meantime. I want this Hub to be “our” Hub, collectively. Please let us know what your teaching goals and PD goals are, and what you want us to help provide you training for. We will do our best to consider those things as we schedule training.