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Research Brief by Kara A. Battle, Ed.D. on Degree Completion in North Carolina Through a Dual Enrollment Pathway

Graduate of the Adult and Community College Education Ed.D. Program, Kara A. Battle, Ed.D. has developed a research brief about her study on the experiences of students who participated in dual enrollment (DE) programs at community colleges in North Carolina and successfully enrolled at a University of North Carolina system institution. Lessons learned from this study suggest that there are practical implications for high school, community college and four-year institution leaders, educators, and policymakers to further identify and understand the institutional structures and practices most effective for optimizing DE programs.

Key points: 

Students enrolled in DE programs:

  • Noted the appeal of being able to earn college credit was the single most important reason for participating in DE. 
  • Described feeling prepared for the transition to a four-year institution because DE helped them develop skills needed to be successful in college. 
  • Perceived courses at the community college to require less time and preparation than courses at the four-year institution, which had an increased workload. 
  • Experienced receiving various degrees of information on the transfer process and expressed the need for more information about that process. 
  • Aspired to continue their education beyond a four-year degree.

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