Our Partners

The Belk Center is working closely with state and national organizations to provide exceptional service to North Carolina’s community colleges. Our team of talented partners informs and guides our work through deep collaboration and feedback focused on meeting the critical needs of our colleges’ leaders. The Belk Center has grown and will continue grow through these partnerships. We introduce you to our partners with pleasure and much gratitude:

Our Belk Center Partners



The work of the Belk Center is informed and supported by a group of expert collaborative partners deeply committed to education in North Carolina. We proudly introduce to you our colleagues who graciously share their invaluable resources:

Wordmarks for collaborative partners that include the League for Innovation in Community College, EdNC, and Carolina Demography.

North Carolina’s community colleges are the economic engines of the state, and they play a critical role in fostering economic growth and training skilled workers to meet North Carolina’s evolving workforce demands. We believe that investing in the current and future leadership of these institutions is key to their continued success.

MC Belk Pilon

MC Belk Pilon, Board Chair of the John M. Belk Endowment