What We Do

Developing the Next Generation of Community College Leaders

The long-term economic vitality of North Carolina depends on developing a highly skilled workforce. As the state’s knowledge-based economy and labor markets evolve, more jobs will require advanced training or education beyond high school but not necessarily a four-year college degree. As the economy and job requirements change, so too will the demands on the state’s community colleges. Community college leaders will need to acquire new knowledge, skills and tools that will help them craft and lead their institutions to achieve higher levels of college access, credential completion and labor market success for their students.

The Belk Center for Community College Leadership and Research at the NC State College of Education will help develop exceptional community college leaders who address these urgent needs, and provide the research and other resources needed to help solve critical problems of practice facing community colleges today and tomorrow. An exemplary way the Belk Center demonstrates this commitment is through its support of the doctoral program by providing executive mentors, coaches, professional development, and other unique opportunities not offered in other programs.