New Research Brief on External Levers to Maximize Career Coaches’ Impact on North Carolina High School Students

The North Carolina (NC) Career Coach Program, a partnership with the North Carolina Community College System (NCCCS) and NC public high schools, works to support students’ career and academic goals and builds partnerships with industry to meet regional industrial needs. In their new research brief, Brett Ranon Nachman, PhD, Laura G. Maldonado, PhD, Catherine Hartman, PhD, and Sarah A. Deal, PhD explore how career coaches conceptualize their roles in supporting high school students’ postsecondary and professional pathways, and how the program can streamline existing resources to maximize career coaches’ impact on students.

To understand the experiences of NCCCS career coaches, researchers employed an explanatory case study approach to answer the following interrelated research questions:

  • How do career coaches make sense of their roles and responsibilities in supporting high school students’ postsecondary and professional pathways?
  • In what ways do career coaches leverage their roles and capital to serve students’ career and college objectives?

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