New Policy Brief by Holley Nichols & Renee Barger on Adult Learners

Holley Nichols, research associate at the Belk Center, and Renee Barger author the first policy brief in a series that highlights evidence-based policies and practices that can drive improvements in educational attainment. The series is a product of the partnership between myFutureNC and the Belk Center to create accessible and thorough briefs that address the pressing challenges community colleges face and highlight promising practices that improve outcomes. Nichols and Barger launch the series discussing the importance of including adult learners in plans that promote educational attainment.

Key points: 

  • Adult learners, representing 40% of higher education’s student population (NCES, 2020), enter or return to higher education after the age of 24.
  • The empowerment of adult learners to complete a higher education degree or credential presents a significant opportunity to create a more educated workforce to meet the needs of the coming decades.

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