Josh Wyner cites NC State in new book chapter: The Role of Presidents, Trustees, and College Leaders in Student Success

“…There has been a resurgence of interest in preparing presidents in recent years. North Carolina State University has doubled the size of its [community college leadership] doctoral programs since 2015 and centered the curriculum on student success goals. […] With an $11 million investment from the John M. Belk Endowment, NC State is also devising training for sitting presidents as well as boards of trustees. Other universities should take note of both the student-success orientation of NC State’s programming and the philanthropic dollars it has attracted” (Wyner, 2021, p. 29).

In a recently published book chapter, Josh Wyner, Vice President of the Aspen Institute, Founder and Executive Director of the College Excellence Program, and Belk Center Advisory Board member, cites NC State as an exemplar university in the movement to develop transformational community college leaders.

Read the full chapter: “The Role of Presidents, Trustees, and College Leaders in Student Success.”

Read the book: Student Success in the Community College: What Really Works? 

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