Carrie Bartek, Ed.D. Identifies Effective Community College and Public University Transfer Partnerships in North Carolina

In a newly released research brief, author Carrie Bartek, Ed.D. studies community college and university transfer partnerships in North Carolina with higher-than-expected bachelor’s degree attainment rates given their student, institutional, and environmental characteristics.

This brief details the first part of a larger mixed-methods study replicating, at the state level, national research identifying community college and university pairs that are effective in helping community college students attain bachelor’s degrees (Fink & Jenkins, 2017; Xu et al., 2018).

Key points:

  • A very small proportion of students who start at a North Carolina Community College System (NCCCS) college actually transferred-out to public colleges in the University of North Carolina (UNC) system in fall 2011.
  • Bachelor’s degree attainment for these students varied depending on the community college and universities they attended.
  • Of 928 possible partnership pairs between NCCCS and UNC system colleges, 110 pairs transferred 10 or more students in fall 2011.
  • Of the 110 pairs transferring 10 or more students, about 1/3 had higher-than-expected bachelor’s degree attainment rates based on the difference between their predicted and actual bachelor’s attainment rates of their transfer students.
  • NCCCS and UNC system pairs with higher-than-expected bachelor’s degree attainment rates may have been employing transfer practices that made them more effective than others in helping their community college students transfer.

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About the Author:

Carrie E. S. Bartek, Ed.D.: Carrie Bartek is a graduate of the Adult and Community College Education Ed.D. program through the College of Education at NC State. Bartek is the Executive Director of College Initiatives and Assessment at Wake Technical Community College.

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