Research Brief by Belk Center’s Dr. Sarah A. Deal on the Relationship Between Participation in Career and College Promise and Community College Attainment

This research brief by Belk Center Research Associate, Sarah A. Deal, Ph.D., is the first of a series that addresses the relationship between North Carolina’s dual enrollment program, Career and College Promise (CCP), and community college attainment in the state. The purpose of this study is to understand CCP participation trends and descriptive outcomes for students who participate. In addition, this study offers policy and practice implications for how historically underserved student participation in CCP may contribute toward increasing postsecondary attainment in North Carolina.

Key points: 

  • Overall participation trends in CCP show that students are primarily white, female, and higher income compared to non-participants. Comparatively, the Career and Technical Education pathway shows more diversity in participation, particularly for low-income students, LatinX students, and Black students.
  • Descriptive outcomes suggest that students in both pathways experience higher rates of community college enrollment, persistence, credits earned, and credential completion relative to peers who do not participate in the program.

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