Research Brief by Belk Center’s Dr. Sarah A. Deal on College and Career Promise Leading to Transfer Outcomes

Sarah A. Deal, Ph.D., research affiliate at the Belk Center and 2020 graduate of the Educational Policy Leadership and Human Development Program, has developed the second research brief in a series that addresses the relationship between North Carolina’s dual enrollment program, Career and College Promise (CCP), and community college attainment in the state. The purpose of this study is to understand participation trends for one of the two pathways within CCP – the College Transfer Pathway. The study presented in this brief uses a quasi-experimental research design to explore community college outcomes, namely persistence, graduation, and number of courses taken among College Transfer Pathway students.

Key points: 

  • Participation in the College Transfer Pathway shows a positive relationship with community college persistence and community college graduation outcomes for Black students, LatinX students, and students who participate in Free and Reduced Lunch.
  • Outcomes presented in this brief suggest that students who participate in the College Transfer Pathway may be choosing to enroll in a UNC System school after high school rather than completing their credential at a North Carolina Community College.
  • Participation in the College Transfer Pathway is associated with a statistically significant increase (p<0.001) of almost 3 courses that transfer from a North Carolina Community College to a UNC System institution.

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